Sunday, 11 January 2015

Is hating someone really that necessary? 

I'm not one to hold grudges. "But wait, you're not speaking to your once best friend anymore."

I sense that coming my way. But if you really know what my previous post was saying, I basically ignore people who I don't particularly like. I don't go around hating random people if that's something. It's more of if you do something to me that I really strongly feel against and hurt, then I will just ignore that person. 

I find that if I hate someone, I care way too much about that person. But if I simply ignore, it just means the person is not even slightly important to me at all. 

This is something that I live by with my daily life. Hating on someone is way too much effort, but ignoring someone doesn't event lift a muscle.

I hope when I look back at these in the future, I'll be able to listen to myself and not hate on anyone. 

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