Thursday, 1 January 2015

It's a new year.

I created this because I feel like it's time I started sharing my feelings. I'm not used to talking about how I feel or my opinion to people so I thought if I typed it, I wouldn't feel awkward and weird or out of my comfort zone. 

I mean, the possibilities of anyone reading this is as good as me becoming an astronaut but it's all good because it's like a little therapy for myself to let go of what's bothering me instead of keeping them inside me. 

My life so far I've kept every little thing that bothered me or hurt me or even gave me motivation to myself. I need to start letting go. It definitely will be a load off my shoulders. 

I cannot promise that there'll be a post every week, but I can promise that whenever and whatever I decide to write, is from my heart. 

I will never disclose my identity because I am a shy person. Letting you into my life would be like committing suicide. 

Here's the start of a new year. I'm really not excited. If anything I'm quite sad. December is over :'(

Anyhoo, happy 1st of January.

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