Friday, 20 February 2015

I decided to private some of my older posts because I felt like they were too personal for me to leave it out there. For those who've read it, I doubt you will remember so it's good. 

I've taken a 2 week hiatus (my last post was 6 Feb but i privated that). 

There were many things that I wanted to blog about but just didn't have the time to sit and type my emotions out when I could've been doing something more productive. As I've said before, I'm not one to share my feelings. But I know it's not good to hold it all in. 

I contradict myself a lot. A hypocrite if you will. I don't support the way I live my life. I know there could be so much I could do to be more productive and live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Sadly, I just don't heed my own advice. 

Is that something only I suffer from? Not heeding one's own advice.
It's painful sometimes to think that I could be living a different way of life just by doing a few things differently. 
My goal this year is to accept and appreciate who I really am. Not live the life full of hypocrisies. Have fun. Maybe lose a little weight. Get active again. The list goes on. I might have wasted 2 months of 2015, but there's still 10 more to go. Anything can happen. Everything can change. Confidence is all it takes. 
Bless you for reading all the way here. Appreciate your effort and support of listening to my ramblings. 

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