Monday, 10 August 2015

It all comes crashing down one day when you realise that all you want to do is leave. It may seem like I have everything and I sometimes pull that image as it is. But if I were to really share my true station in life, you'll know that my parents are in debt, my house doesn't belong to my family, my parents don't necessarily know how to raise their children, my brothers only care about themselves, my parents are selfish, and I just want to runaway.
Whatever I say, it goes to deaf ears. They think that starting a business will make so much money. They always talk about how they can earn more by doing this, by doing that, but what they never do is actually work. They criticize how others don't know how to live their life and are just absolutely lazy, but they don't realise that what they are criticising is actually what they are.
They talk so much about helping the less fortunate but instead they neglect their three children and yet expect us to listen to them. Mind you, I am 20 years old. my brothers are older than I. Above that, we don't even qualify to be in the middle class category financially. Then again, I've worked a couple of times to earn money for myself because my parents are too poor to give me any. Yet they have all the money in the world to stay at expensive hotels when they go away for a couple of days. They splurge every time their paycheck arrives. I've never asked them for money. All I want from them is their time. But it really isn't something I can get either.
When they're home, they shhh me away because they're "busy". Doing what you might ask? Watching TV. There's never a time that they actually take the effort to listen. And yet they grumble about how my brother started to rebel. I've even told them that if they decide to kick me out if I rebel, I've already got it all planned out. I'll just move to my uncle's house for around a year then start renting an apartment some place else because I would've graduated from school. My uncle and aunt seem to be more interested in my life than my own parents anyway.
I'm still part of the minority who asks their parents permission before they do anything. But, right now, I really couldn't be bothered about what they say. Thinking long and hard on whether I should start rebelling.

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  1. I knw what u mean. been thr done that. just rebel.